Film Blood Beach (1981)

Blood Beach

When a person goes missing on Venice Beach, the LAPD investigate and conclude that the victim must have drowned. Soon, several more calls of missing people come in from Venice. The police begin to think they’re dealing with a serial killer…until a particularly alarming case comes along, where a teenager lets her friends bury her under the sand, only to find her legs shredded when they unbury her.

The police begin to realize that some type of creature is in the sand, devouring beach goers. Local news and media pounce on the case, spurring the police to resolve the matter quickly and figure out how to kill the monster. Meanwhile, David Huffman and Mariana Hill, who almost married years ago, reunite over the death of Mariana’s mother on the beach and follow their own set of clues to stop the creature once and for all.

Director: Jeffrey Bloom
Writer: Jeffrey Bloom, Steven Nalevansky
Producer: Steven Nalevansky, Neil Canton, Sidney Beckerman, Irwin Yablans, Joseph Wolf
Starring: David Huffman, Marianna Hill, Burt Young, Otis Young, Lena Pousette, John Saxon, Darrell Fetty, Stefan Gierasch, Eleanor Zee, Pamela McMyler, Harriet Medin, Mickey Fox

Rated: R
Runtime: 92 Minutes
Released: 1981
Available Formats: VHS, DVD
Distributed by: Dimension Films

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