Film Laserblast (1978)


A misfit teen named Billy endures an inattentive mother, bullies and local cops that seem to have it out for him. One day, he finds a laser gun and its power source abandoned in the desert by a pair of aliens. The teen uses the gun to get back at his enemies, but finds himself changing every time he fires the gun. Soon, he becomes overwhelmed by the gun’s power and turns into a crazed, murderous monster.

Director: Michael Rae
Writer: Franne Schacht, Frank Ray Perilli
Producer: Charles Band
Starring: Kim Milford, Cheryl Smith, Gianni Russo, Ron Masak, Dennis Burkley, Barry Cutler, Mike Bobenko, Eddie Deezen, Keenan Wynn, Roddy McDowall

Rated: R
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Released: 1978
Available Formats: VHS
Distributed by: Irwin Yablans Company

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