Film Made in Brooklyn (2010)

Made in Brooklyn

A hilarious comedy that captures the essence of a day in the life of a Brooklyn neighborhood. Four stories tell the tales of several charming Goodfella-types (only minus the homicidal tendencies) as they bumble their way through one quirky situation after the next.

Dominick spends his whole day helping a woman find her keys; two mobsters placed in the Witness Protection Program discuss the hardships of their life in America; four neighbors leave their neighborhood for the first time in 35 years to go on a camping trip; and two charming, low-end gangsters fumble their way through an assignment as they become the next “assignment”. Each of the stories intersect through the narrator, a spunky girl trying to make a buck selling lemonade on the corner.

Director: Luca Palanca, Gregory Alosio, Sharon Angela, Jeff Mazzola, Joe Tabb
Writer: Luca Palanca
Producer: Jack Lippman, Jonathan Sheinberg, Malek Akkad, Marc Clebanoff, Justin Hogan, Eric Minutella
Starring: Luca Palanca, Peter Dobson, Kathrine Narducci, Richard Portnow, Joe Tabb, Costas Mandylor, Michael Rispoli, John Enos III, Dan Grimaldi, Vincent Curatola, Darcy DeMoss, Tammy Pescatelli, Irma St. Paule

Rated: R
Runtime: 109 Minutes
Released: 2007
Available Formats: DVD
Distributed by: Paranormal Pictures

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