Film Nocturna (1979)


Hard times have fallen on Castle Dracula in Transylvania. To help pay his taxes, Dracula has converted the castle to a hotel and is being cared for by his granddaughter, Nocturna. When Nocturna hires a disco group to entertain the guests, she falls in love with the guitarist, Jimmy, and follows him to New York, seeking mortality. She soon falls in love with the city and the disco scene, but the quality of blood supply is being compromised by pollutants and drugs.

Grandpa Dracula decides that Nocturna must return home to Transylvania, so he flies to New York to retrieve her. He visits her favorite disco club and threatens to kill Jimmy if she doesn’t return to Transylvania with him. Jimmy points a neon light at Dracula; the bright light repels him, so he changes into a bat and flies away. Dracula returns to Transylvania, while Nocturna gains mortality in Jimmy’s arms.

Director: Harry Hurwitz
Writer: Harry Hurwitz, Nai Bonet
Producer: Irwin Yablans, Vernon P. Becker, Nai Bonet
Starring: Nai Bonet, John Carradine, Yvonne De Carlo, Brother Theodore, Sy Richardson, Antony Hamilton

Rated: R
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Released: 1979
Available Formats: VHS, DVD
Distributed by: Compass International Pictures

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