Film Roller Boogie (1979)

Roller Boogie

Terry Barkley, a wealthy teen from Beverly Hills, is ignored by her parents and bored with her status as a musical genius. Destined for Juilliard, all she wants to do is have fun. With her snobby friend LANA, Terry takes up roller skating to disco music at funky Venice Beach. There, she meets BOBBY JAMES, a “wheel prodigy” who steals her heart. Terry’s parents are horrified that she’s become romantically involved with a guy who’s not cut from the upper class cloth. Furthermore, they’re floored that she’s decided to give up the dream of going to Juilliard. Terry, a rebel at heart, runs away from home and joins forces with Bobby to win a big Roller Boogie contest.

However, Terry and Bobby must first save their favorite roller rink, Jammer’s, from demolition by THATCHER, a greedy mob developer. He wants to knock down Jammer’s and build a mini-mall. Bobby and Terry try to get Bobby’s lawyer father to help, but he refuses. Terry and Bobby find evidence to kill Thatcher’s deal and race to get it to the cops. They do, the mobsters are hauled off and the Boogie Contest is on. Terry and Bobby skate their routine and win the competition. Afterwards, Terry and Bobby share a final, bittersweet farewell before she heads off to New York City and he to the Olympics.

Director: Mark L. Lester
Writer: Barry Schneider, Irwin Yablans
Producer: Bruce Cohn Curtis, Irwin Yablans, Joseph Wolf
Starring: Linda Blair, Jim Bray, Beverly Garland, Roger Perry, James Van Patten, Kimberly Beck, Sean McClory, Mark Goddard, Albert Insinnia

Rated: R
Runtime: 103 Minutes
Released: 1979
Available Formats: VHS, DVD
Distributed by: MGM

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