Film Sky Bandits (1986)

Sky Bandits

Set in the year of 1917, the last days of the Old West, SKY BANDITS follows the adventures of a pair of cowboy bankrobbers who are captured for blowing up banks. They’re then given the choice between going to jail or going overseas to the front lines of World War I to fight alongside the British. They choose the latter and end up in France, where they join a group of British pilots.

They get into a bet to see if they can fly a Gunbus, which they do, but then they end up in another base under an officer who is determined to hunt down a German airship. The fliers are assigned to gun down this airship, a humongous, highly protected German zeppelin that has been the source of many headaches for the Allies.

Unfortunately, the attempts to take the zeppelin down take a heavy toll on the planes and the addled British plane mechanic is having increasing difficulties piecing the planes back together

Director: Zoran Perisic
Writer: Zoran Perisic, Thom Keyes
Producer: Richard Herland, Steve Lanning
Starring: Scott McGinnis, Jeff Osterhage, Ronald Lacey, Miles Anderson, Valérie Steffen, Ingrid Held, Nicholas Lyndhurst, Keith Buckley, Nicholas Frankau

Rated: R
Runtime: 105 Minutes
Released: 1988
Available Formats: VHS, DVD
Distributed by: Galaxy International Releasing

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