Film The Return of Martin Guerre (1983)

The Return of Martin Guerre

In medieval France, Martin Guerre returns to his hometown after being away at war since childhood. None of the townspeople recognize him and the people he was closest to also suspect he isn’t Martin. But curiously, he seems to know everything about his family and friends. Is this man really Martin Guerre or a mere imposter?

Director: Daniel Vigne
Writer: Daniel Vigne, Janet Lewis, Jean-Claude Carrière, Natalie Zemon Davis
Producer: Daniel Vigne
Starring: Gérard Depardieu, Nathalie Baye, Maurice Barrier, Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Isabelle Sadoyan, Rose Thiéry, Chantal Deruaz, Maurice Jacquemont, Roger Planchon

Rated: R
Runtime: 122 Minutes
Released: 1982
Available Formats: VHS, DVD
Distributed by: European International

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