The Hatred (2017)

The Hatred

Regan lands a job with her former college professor, her three classmates, Layan, Betaine and Samantha have planned to help her settle in and enjoy a weekend getaway at his country home. The professor and his wife are leaving for a seminar and have left their daughter Irene to stay with the girls for the weekend.

As Irene shows the girls their bedrooms, one particular bedroom stands out as it has not touched in years. Her father left strict instructions that no one should go into that room as it belonged to the former owner’s daughter Alice. As Regan and her friends spend their first night in the home, they discover strange artifacts in the basement where the original owner would do his work and learn that the house has a malevolent past of its own.

When Samantha decides to venture into Alice’s bedroom, she unknowingly unleashes the evil within. Will they be able to find the source of this evil and stop it before it’s too late and survive the weekend? “

Director: Michael G. Kehoe
Writer: Michael G. Kehoe
Producer: Malek Akkad – Producer | Ryan Freimann – Executive Producer | Sean Gowrie – Co-producer | Tommy Harper – Executive Producer
Starring: Sarah Davenport, Andrew Divoff, Darby Walker, Gabrielle Bourne, Bayley Corman, Alisha Wainwright, David Naughton, Shae Smolik

Rated: R
Runtime: 100 Minutes
Released: September 12, 2017
Available Formats: DVD Blu-Ray, Digital
Distributed by: Anchor Bay Entertainment

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